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About us

We are Washington Capital Global Finance, a private equity fund that has been investing in renewable, sustainable and alternative energy projects since 2010.

With over 35 years of lending and financing experience, we are able to secure debt and equity financing for these kinds of projects.


We have developed and are developing projects in excess of 400MW, and have arranged financing for multiple types of projects in excess of a billion dollars.


Our services offered includes green field, brown field, and ready-to-build development of:


  • Solar energy projects

  • Wind Farms

  • Hydroelectric Power Plants

  • Geothermal Power Plants

  • Hydrocarbon Solutions

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At Washington Capital Global Finance, our mission is to support the control of carbon emissions, control the effects of global warming, and stem climate change.


We’re a socially responsible organization providing financing for sustainable, alternative, renewable energy, creating a greener, cleaner tomorrow, while stimulating job creation in this economic environment.



Let's work with you

At Washington Capital Global, our goal is to structure successful funding, and potentially collaborate with you in the development of your energy project. Our success in alternative energy is achieved by our unique approach. We can achieve:


  • In-depth analysis of your project needs
  • Identification of critical issues
  • Issue mitigation and resolution
  • Determination of structured financing
  • Maximizing and leveraging with minimum equity requirement due to funding source relationships and expertise.
  • Provide, if necessary, all or part of the equity required in the form of mezzanine financing, bridge financing, or another long-term equity solution



Work Process


We begin the financing process for your energy solution with an in-depth analysis of …


Negotiate and acquire Power Purchase Agreement and transmission line connection.

Build & Launch

Cost analysis as well as maximizing return on the investment of your project plan. Completed solution begins to produce energy and is connect to grid.